Who am I?
I'm Thays, a UX Designer and Researcher based in Sweden. I like baking and cooking, playing board games with my friends and taking long walks with my dog. I also love working with technology. Here is some of my work.
Journey from Software Development to User Experience
My passion for technology is driven by its ability to improve people's daily lives. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and experience working for leading companies such as Samsung as an Android Developer, I have collaborated with cross-functional teams to create exceptional products that cater to the needs of users. However, after eight years in software development, I decided to pivot my career to work closer to users as a UX Designer and Researcher. My technical expertise, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills allow me to contribute to tech projects that tackle real-world problems and potentially make a positive impact on society.
Published a paper about Feministic HCI and Social Robotics at the 16th International Conference on Persuasive Technologies - Persuasive 2021
Chapter leader of Ladies That UX Stockholm
• Mentor & Social Media responsible - Mentoria Baré
Former volunteer as PR for Pepp Stockholm 2020/21
Ladies that UX Activities
Girl Talk Fika/Picnic
As members of Ladies that UX, we strive to create a supportive community where people who identify themselves as women can connect, discuss UX, and develop meaningful relationships through relaxed events and meetups. Building a network can be very empowering, and we are thrilled to see more opportunities for women to come together and support one another in this field.
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