UI Design
My Role
I worked as a Product Designer and developed all the screens, prototypes, flows, icons, micro interactions and documentation.
Project Overview
Crypto is an NFT app that aims to provide a seamless and immersive experience for users interested in exploring, buying, selling, and showcasing NFTs it is an improvement from one of the most popular stores nowadays, OpenSea. Our design philosophy centred on creating a platform that caters to seasoned crypto collectors and invites newcomers into the world of blockchain-based digital assets. The project idea was part of a Figma course but the final screens are result of an extra study on UX and UI.
*The NFT Illustrations are from @sobrinhoquefez
Product Designer - Thays Santos
There are various options available to filter the feed according to different types of art.
Product Page
It displays a larger image of the art and the possibility to bet on it. The page also contains a product description and a list of people who have already bet on the product, with information on when and the amount.
Profile Page
It is possible to see the art you are selling on your profile page. There is also complementary information such as profile picture, name and nickname. 
The page displays the art with big cards in a list or a grid two by 2.
Ranking and Wallet Pages
The Ranking Page shows the top sellers on the platform with basic information such as name, nickname and picture—also, the knowledge of the money transaction and how much increase or decrease in percentage.
The Wallet Page displays the amount one has in their account, which can add more money to the funds. It is also possible to the items bought and sold along with the price in Ethereum (ETH) and dollars.
Upload New Image
Crypto's unique advantage lies in its ability to directly publish images from the application, setting it apart from its competitors. Unlike other NFT app stores which only allow the use of their website, Crypto's seamless integration allows for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.
Style Guide
Icons & visual elements
Interactions & navigation
High-fidelity Prototype
It is possible to navigate the app through the prototype at this screen or in a new tab/page.
Hey, if you need any help understanding how was the project process, get in touch! I'm happy to explain it all to you. You can contact me by the email.
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