Hackdays at Viaplay
Project Overview and Context
Roles and Responsibilities
On the first week of June/2022, I was part of the 28th edition of Hack Days at Viaplay. Everyone at the company had the chance to explore ideas, search for solutions for current problems and collaborate with people from different teams. As part of my week, I had the pleasure of digging into an idea it came up by interviewing users for my Master's thesis related to the user experience in our platforms. 
I teamed up with a backend developer to transform an idea into a proof of concept, and we had a fantastic achievement for such a small team and short period. We brainstormed possible functionalities, and I developed the user flow, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototype. It was an opportunity to learn a lot. We also conclude part of the front end of our solution. 
User Flow
High fidelity prototype
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