Accessing the Assistance page is something that a company neither the user wants the have the necessity of. But, when required, it is desirable to have the best experience possible.

Project developed in the second half of 2019.
Given an old version of the Nespresso Assistance page and wireframe as suggestions, this project had the goal to improve the experience during the process to get assistance.
As the old version was unavailable for testing, it was necessary to use also the current version at that moment in order to update the content but maintain the idea to come from the old version to a better version.
My Role
I worked on this project during my spare time as part of a Bootcamp assignment, so I was responsible for finding possibilities to improve the whole experience on the assistance page for the UX and UI.
The Process
It was decided on the Design Thinking since the problem was not well defined and very few sources of information.
Design Thinking process
Image: Design Thinking process illustration from
In order to find the real problem and take the final decision about what to use from the wireframe suggested, a document from Nespresso Corporation about their brand was used and also benchmarking research was made.
Based on the Nespresso Corporate Backgrounder, it was possible to verify that Nespresso aims to have high-quality coffees and personalised services like the old Nespresso Club and currently called Nespresso & You.
It was made a benchmarking with similar products and products from companies that have the same values as Nespresso. In this case, I checked Lavazza and Tassimo as direct competitors, Apple and Tesla as the ones with exclusive products.
Assumptions and user validation
After analysing the information collected, it was developed a wireframe combining the desired information and the current Nespresso page. It was decided to test the old wireframe and the one with the assumptions in order to validate or not what was being proposed and to guarantee that what was working would be kept.
* More focus on Nespresso Club
* Offer option to call Nespresso
* Help with the coffee machine
* Assistance package

A prototype was made unifying the assumptions and the information collected. 
In order to validate the wireframe, a Qualitative Research was made using one-on-one interviews with five users with an age range from 22 to 55 years old. 
It was required them to do these predefined actions:
* In case of a machine malfunction, get assistance from the page.
* Accessing Nespresso Club.
* Joying Nespresso Club.
A question about how much they would recommend the page was included after the test with a range of 1 to 5 when 1 was "I don't recommend" and 5 was "I highly recommend".
An open question about when they could give any recommendation was at the end of the test.

Some insights from the users

Problem Statement
After conducting interviews and user tests, it was found two main problems:
* Make clear the benefits of Nespresso Club without polluting the Assistance page.
* Give different options to the users to get access to Nespresso Assistance.
After defining the problems it was also defined the further actions:

* No need for a lot of information for an Assistance page.
* More information about the advantages of the Nespresso Club.
* Option to contact Nespresso by chat and call.
* Make the Register and Login options clearer to the user.
* Keep one name, no Club Nespresso but Nespresso & You, the new name.
For the prototype delivery, some visual aspects were thought.
Mood Board
A mood board was defined based on images that bring the feeling of high standard products because it is one of the company goals and also using the competitors from other segments with the same goals of high standard products since it was possible to find a pattern on their assistance pages even though they are from different market segments.
Keywords for the mood board:
Font: it was decided to keep the original Trebuchet MS to keep the consistency.
Benchmarking of Apple and Tesla layouts
The decision to use a similar layout approach as Apple and Tesla is because both share the position as market leaders and with the most satisfied clients. [1][2]
Apple and Tesla: What do they share?
Their support page has a search box and the menu is very simple to not be a source of the noise.
Both also share a white space like a breath between information and real pictures that reflect the content.
They kind of share the way to display a list of products and services so it was decided to apply the same for the Nespresso & You section.
Based on Apple login and basket disposition, the labels were removed and now there is a box with the option when the person clicks on login and basket icons.
Through this project, it was possible to verify that less is more when the user wants assistance and to keep the main information handy. But, at the same time, the user can feel more tempted to acquire a new product as Nespresso & You if they know more information about it.
Something to be improved in the next project will be to execute the test before developing a high fidelity wireframe and save more time. Also, apply the benchmark on the layout in the initial phase.

Adobe XD for the prototype and Canva for the Mood Board.
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